AR/VR Projects

Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology

Trail B in 3D
The prototype of the application testing the recognition of numbers and letters in the right order implemented in the VR environment on the Oculus Go device.
Trail B is generally sensitive to executive functioning since the test requires multiple abilities to complete it. Part B requires attention, memory, visual screening abilities, motor functioning, and cognitive processes in 2D, and we assume that it is more difficult in 3D.

Unity Developer - Artur Chudzik
PJAIT 2020

Mixed Reality application (Microsoft Hololens) for experiencing different types of meditation.

Master Thesis by Aleksandra Hojszyk (PDF)
Thesis Supervisor - Mateusz Hohol, PhD
Chief Supervisor - Marcin Władyka, PhD
Technical Supervisor - Marcin Wichrowski, MSc Eng
Language Coordinator - Klaudiusz Ślusarczyk, MSc
PJAIT New Media Arts 2019

Neuropsychological assessment of patients with ND by using immersive VR environments.
Prototype of immersive virtual reality environment and scenario for screening individuals at risk of Alzheimer's disease by using the Oculus Quest VR.

Master Thesis by Julia Paluch
Thesis Supervisor - Krzysztof Kalinowski, PhD Eng
Technical Supervisor - Marcin Wichrowski, MSc Eng
Theoretical Supervisor - Mateusz Hohol, PhD
Special thanks to - Rafał Masłyk, MSc Eng
PJAIT New Media Arts 2020

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