The Brain: Creativity and Decay

Intelligent Biomarkers Related to Aging and Diseases

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Singapore | 1-5 July 2024

BCD 2024 (Workshop on The Brain: Creativity and Decay for Computer Science) is held in conjunction with AsiaCCS2024.


The field of computational science application in understanding brain information processes, and related cognitive intelligence with possible healthcare problems is rapidly developing. Modeling and simulation, data and process mining, numerical methods, and intelligent technologies provide new insights and support decision-making during developmental processes and in diseases.

The Workshop will be a part of AsiaCCS – _ACM Asia Conference on Computer and Communications Security Conference.

Brief Summary and Justification

This Workshop deals with the problem of Brain Intelligence, which is most often understood as an AI sub-field dealing with soft computing methods.

Emerging technologies in medicine and brain informatics are generating increasingly complex data. Neurologists and brain informatics researchers need to explore, develop, and apply novel computational concepts, methods, and tools to tackle the growing complexity associated with emerging and future brain science challenges. The aim of this workshop is to bring together computer scientists, neuroscientists, and neurologists to discuss emerging and future directions in topics related to key bioinformatics and computational approaches. Thanks to technological development we live longer which causes a significant increase in brain-related neurodegenerative diseases destroying security in our social communications. The purpose of this workshop is to demonstrate that information technology may help to rebuild communication between brains.